Catering to Cowards

Dr. Eisenbrock has been using these wonderful and effective anxiety relievers for over 30 years:

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How Do We Cater To Cowards? We offer the following:

  • We are non Judgmental
  • Laughing Gas (Nitrous Oxide)
  • Different types of Novacaine
  • Anti-anxiety medication

How Do We Make You Comfortable?

  • Non-judgmental office.
  • We use the most effective topical numbing cream before the novacaine injection.
  • We use 4 different types of numbing anesthetic so you don't feel anything while Dr. Eisenbrock is doing the work.
  • We stop at anytime during the procedure if you are uncomfortable. Your fears are real and there is no judgment. We are here to help you be comfortable in a nonthreatening environment.
  • The atmosphere of the office and staff is of a caring nature. We will make you feel completely comfortable.


The staff is wonderful at Dr. Eisenbrock's office. I have been a dentist phob my whole life. But I feel very cared for when I go to his office. I don't get panic attacks leading up to my appointments anymore. I'm planning on finally getting my teeth to where I am happy and smile more. :)

Maggie V.

Well I must say one thing the everyone in Bensalem family dentistry that work there are the most wonderful people that I experience in a dentist office ..I was very relaxed in there that's how they make you feel..and yes I will remain going to Bensalem family dentistry for good ..I thank each and everyone for your kindness it's helps a lot.

Diane H.

I have been scared to death to go to the dentist for the past 25 years. Dr. Eisenbrock and his staff changed that for me. They are all so caring and gentle! Not only that, I now like my front teeth when I smile! The experience has been life changing! Highly recommend! -Dawn Vesci

Virtual P.

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